ENZA CONSTRUCTION is the construction arm of CROWIE HOLDINGS a diversified infrastructure business with interests in property and construction. Enza Construction handles work in the infrastructure space – building construction, civil construction and residential construction delivery. Tell us your brief history: academic, professional and your role TODAY My interest in the construction and property space

STRENGTH, INTEGRITY, PASSION (SIP) PROJECT MANAGERS have been leaders in the field of Construction Project Management in South Africa. SIP employs highly skilled project managers from a broad range of professional disciplines with experience across a wide range of sectors. SIP is the single point of contact for the client when dealing with all other

HATCH is passionately committed to the pursuit of a better world through positive change. Together they create unprecedented outcomes for their clients by partnering with them to develop solutions to their challenges that are safe, innovative and sustainable. As a global professional services provider with over six decades of business and technical experience in the

DNA DESIGN ASSOCIATES (DNA) was founded in April of 2007 and is now an internationally active African group across the continent that also recently acquired the well-known Triad Construction to form a well-balanced interior design company with exceptional delivery skills outside of our borders. DNA first set its footprint into the rest of Africa in

Boogertman + Partners Architects was established in 1982. With offices in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, and Kenya, the practice engages in projects throughout Africa continually embracing social, economic, and functional challenges through ‘Human Centered design’. Having gained national and international acclaim, Boogertman + Partners has successfully completed projects in Egypt and Sudan; has on-going

The PARAGON GROUP was founded in October 1997 and is now an internationally active African group of design companies. The group includes Paragon Architects, delivering commercial architecture for all property industry sectors; Paragon Interface Architects, offering interior design and strategic space planning services, and due diligence studies; and Paragon Architects South Africa, the South African

Formed at great depths in the earth under tremendous pressure and at high temperature, diamonds are the hardest material known to man and are used industrially to polish and shape other materials, including other diamonds. Similarly, exceptional human beings are strengthened under challenging circumstances to become not only noteworthy achievers, but also compassionate people who

INYATSI CONSTRUCTION GROUP HOLDINGS is a construction company that specialises in infrastructure projects, including roads and earth works, civil work, bridge construction, buildings, storm water drainage, water reticulation, water treatment plants, sewer works, dams and reservoirs. Inyatsi Construction Group Holdings was formed in 2007 as the holding company of Inyatsi Construction and its regional subsidiaries.

GIBB is a leading South African multi-disciplinary black-owned consulting engineering firm. The organization recently appointed Philip Gray as Managing Principal for its GIBB Capital division.  GIBB Capital is a project preparation and infrastructure advisory division, providing specialist services to unlock the financing and implementation of projects. Its services include, but not limited to: project perpetration;


Tell us about your early life and your role today  I studied engineering at the University of Pretoria from 1977 to 1980. Still enjoing student life, I decided to continue with Honours in structural engineering on a full-time basis in the next year, 1981. During this year, I was also a junior lecturer within the